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Ten Tips for a Great Fire Prevention Week 2016! 

Fire Prevention Week was established to remember the date of the Great Chicago Fire, October 9, 1871. This tragic fire killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed 17,400 structures and burned acres of land - and against popular belief, the cow didn’t do it.  The fire and destruction it caused, changed the way firefighters and officials thought about fire safety and it was decided that the anniversary would be commemorated with fire prevention and safety education. Since the 1920’s Fire Prevention Week is always observed the Sunday through Saturday in which October 9th falls and is the longest public safety observance on record. 

This year’s theme, Don’t Wait, Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every Ten Years - focuses on the proper use and maintenance of smoke alarms. Departments should focus on the importance of having a working smoke alarm, testing monthly, replacing the batteries, and checking the date of manufacture and replacing smoke alarms every ten years. 

 Here are our Top Ten Tips for a Successful FPW2016:

1. Focus on the theme - The theme for Fire Prevention Week 2016 is Don’t Wait- Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years. This should be the main focus of your educational materials, presentations and activities. There is a lot of information out there about fire safety and prevention, information overload can happen quickly. Sticking to the theme and keeping focused on one topic is a great benefit; it allows you to give a lot of information in a little amount of time and helps make your message well received. 

 2. Decorate -  Start early, hang banners with this years theme and dates in your station, at local schools, or in other public areas. You can also hang posters and a calendar of events in local libraries, grocery stores, local businesses and post offices. The sooner you begin to advertise, the more awareness will spread throughout your community and the bigger the participation in your events. 

3.  Open Houses - These are a favorite part of FPW for your community. Plan your Open House activities based on your target audience, mostly parents and children, and focus on this years theme. Have hand-outs, promotional items, instructional videos and demonstrations ready and make sure you are fully staffed. Keep it fun! Have visitors meet the fire fighters, move around the station at different activity tables, and use hands-on learning to make fire safety fun and memorable. Oh and have refreshments, always have refreshments. 

 4. Visit Local Schools - Plan visits to local schools to make fire safety presentations promoting this years theme. Hand-outs, activity books, fire hats, promotional items, and fun graphics all make presentations memorable to students, who then share your information with parents and friends at home. Bring visuals - clean equipment and gear along with presentation displays, DVD’s, banners and posters all help your department and message stand out.

 5. Visit Local Community Centers - It’s not just kids who benefit from fire safety education! Adults and seniors benefit from a more in depth look at fire safety, smoke alarm maintenance, fire escape plans and how to protect their homes and businesses from fire. Safe Kitchen Demos, heating safety, fire extinguisher demos and promotional items benefit adults too.

 6. Senior Lunch -  Adults over 65 are most likely to be harmed or die in a fire. Sponsoring a senior lunch (with help from local restaurants or senior centers) can be a great way to reach out to the elderly in your community. 

 7. Neighborhood Events - Community wide smoke alarm tests or fire drills help promote fire safety awareness and get the community involved on a grander scale. Hosting neighborhood fire safety checks in higher risk neighborhoods is also a great way to help neighbors be fire safe. 

 8. Fire Truck Demonstrations -  Kids love trucks, adults love trucks… this is a win-win to get your message out to the community! To further spread the word, step outside the station and set up at a local park, public parking lot, etc. Combined with quick presentations, hand-outs, and presentation displays this can be a fun easy way to bring fire safety information directly to the community. 

9. Promote it! - You can have all your materials and presentations prepared and they won’t do any good if the community doesn’t see it. Use social media, local businesses, radio and even contact local television stations to do a brief update on all the events you’re planning for FPW. 

10. Perfect Presentation Materials - That’s where we come in. Fire Safety Education has ALL of the materials you could need for FPW2016.

FPW Presentation DisplayOur Presentation Displays are huge, well designed with bold graphics and researched based text, portable and best of all  - easy-to-use.

Kid Pak

Our KidPaks! are perfect for school visits and come filled with great smoke alarm information and are ready to hand out. We have a ton of great items for kids: 

Stickers, tattoos, pencils, DVDs, activity books and wristbands just to name a few.

StationPaks! are perfect for Open Houses and station visits.

Fire Hats are the perfect give-away, can be fully customized and come in a fun variety of colors.

We have a wide variety of products for adults as well - pamphlets, KitchenPaks!, pot holders, magnets and pens all help promote fire safety. Finally, decorate your station with our banners and posters that celebrate this years theme.

We hope you have a great Fire Prevention Week 2016!

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