Don’t Get Burned by Scalds!

Hot liquids can cause serious burns just like fire. Scalding is a form of thermal burn which results from heated fluids such as boiling water or steam. Over 500,000 scald burns occur in the U.S. each year. The two groups most at risk for scalds are children under the age of 5 and adults over 65.


Burn Awareness Week will be observed during the week of February 1-7


Fire Safety Education has everything that you need to help inform your community about the dangers of scalds during Burn Awareness Week!

Arriving in time for Burn Awareness Week 2016, we now offer an all-new selection of educational products designed to help reduce the risks of scalds in children and seniors.

Our informative pamphlets help your department or organization communicate the importance of preventing burns and scalds, highlighting crucial prevention information with full-color images to illustrate the dangers of burns in scalds in the home.


All-New Products for 2016


The "Protecting Children from Burns + Scalds" Pamphlet advises parents and guardians on ways to reduce the risk of scalds in children, who may be underfoot, tend to pull hot meals down from tabletops, or unknowingly turn on hot water while left unattended in the bathroom. 

The "Protecting Yourself from Burns + Scalds" Pamphlet provides tips for adults on how to protect themselves from burns and scalds in the home, with advice for seniors to help prevent slips into scalding shower water and accidental spills in the kitchen.

And our brand-new "Don't Get Burned by Scalds!" Presentation Display outlines everything that your audience needs to know in order to stay safe in the kitchen or bathroom, including helpful meal preparation tips and first aid instructions for treating scalds and burns. Our Presentation Displays stand 6-ft. tall and nearly 3-ft. wide, with memorable graphics to ensure that your message leaves a lasting impression on your audience long after your presentation has ended.



Stay safe from scalds during Burn Awareness Week and all year long!

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