Fire Safety and Prevention Products to Teach Fire Safety all Year Long!

Deciding to launch a fire safety awareness campaign is a big step - Congratulations, on choosing to keep your community informed and aware on the importance of fire safety!

As you know, most fires are preventable and fire prevention education helps protect families, homes and possessions from the destructive force of fire. Creating a fire safety and prevention campaign that helps inform every member of your community is the best way to make sure your fire safety message is heard. In this series of emails we will discuss who you should market too, how you should do it, and where to get funding to help your events.

Children should be your #1 focus when starting a fire safety and prevention campaign

1. Most fires occur at home. Starting fire safety education early allows children to learn about fire risks, safety and prevention. Then, they bring the message home to the rest of the family. 

2. Children learn well with active presentations and play based learning. Get the children involved in your presentation. Active partcipation will help them remember your message. Some examples include: 

  • Stop, Drop, & Roll exercises
  • Safe Cooking Demonstrations 
  • Safe Escape Plans and creating a fire evacuation plan 
  • Encourage them to participate in smoke alarm checks and fire drills at home
  • Use colorful presentations materials, banners and displays to help get your message noticed and keep their attention.

3. Make learning fun! Coloring and Activity Books are a great way to help children learn about fire safety and prevention. A combination of coloring pages, facts, and games help children learn and let them have fun.

4. Give them something to remember - Fire Hats! Every child wants to be a Junior Firefighter, having fire hats with your stations name and shield ready to hand out is a great way to help keep fire safety on the front of their minds, and help promote your station. 

Stay Tuned! 
Our next post focuses on Senior Fire Safety Presentations. 

Need help creating your next event? We have research based coloring books, fire hats, presentation displays, stickers and more to help you stand out and achieve your fire safety and awareness goals. 

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