Introducing the newest member of the Fire Safety Education team: Alert Bert! 

It may look like he's just hanging out on the wall, but make no mistake - Alert Bert is your first line of defense in the event of a fire emergency. Alert Bert is ready to sound the alarm about smoke alarm safety for audiences of all ages. 

Alert Bert arrives just in time for Fire Prevention Week 2015 – helping everyone remember to “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep!”

Our entire line of all-new Alert Bert products includes posters, banners, key tags, and rulers. Children from grades Pre-K through 4 will love our brand new Alert Bert activity books, which remind them that "Smoke Alarms Save the Day!" and "A Smoke Alarm Keeps You Safe From Harm!"

Be sure to check out our new Alert Bert bookmarks, stickers, presentation banners, flyers, pencils, and more!

View our full line of Alert Bert and Fire Prevention Week 2015 products right here.

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