Fire Safety and Prevention Products to Teach Fire Safety all Year Long!

Deciding to launch a fire safety awareness campaign is a big step -
Congratulations, on choosing to keep your community informed and aware on the importance of fire safety!

As you know, most fires are preventable and fire prevention education helps protect families, homes and possessions from the destructive force of fire. Adults 65 and older are more likely to die, or be hurt in a fire. Making sure to include seniors and their caregivers in your fire prevention education plans will help seniors plan and prepare for fire.

Senior citizens are important members of your community and should be included in your fire safety and prevention campaign

1. Senior citizens are twice as likely to be hurt or injured in a fire. Be sure to explain the heightened risks and to help create a prevention plan to avoid accidents and help them prepare to safely escape their home.

2. Have an event at a local hall, your fire station, or at senior community center. Focus on smoke alarm safety, accident prevention, and senior fire safety. Use bold presentation materials, with easy-to-read graphics and larger print to help everyone in the audience be included.

3. Have a safe cooking demonstration and provide information on burn prevention and fire safety. Involve your audience! Make a quiz or a game about common fire safety hazards and how you can prevent and prepare for fire.

4. Give them something to remember - Safety tools to help seniors prevent fire is a great way to help spread your safety message. Oven mitts, pot holders and oven sticks are great tools to help prevent burns and scalds. Reminder magnets, magnifiers, and informational pamphlets can help seniors always be aware of the importance of fire safety.

5. Help them be prepared - Seniors often have medical needs that emergency services should be aware of. Having medical alert information readily available can help save time during an emergency event. Products like Med+Alert Magnets and Pill holders are great products to help your seniors, and your department with their medical needs.

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Our next blog focuses on Community Fire Safety Presentations.

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