Fire Safety Education is proud to announce the addition of two new presentation displays to our product line! We now offer Don't Play with Fire and In an Emergency, Call 9-1-1 displays.

Don't Play with Fire Presentation Display

The Don't Play with Fire presentation display is designed to educate children on the dangers that come from playing with fire. It features easy-to-understand language as well as engaging graphics that help children to retain this vital information. The display explains what firesetting and arson are. It notes that while children may believe they can control the fires they set, a single match can set an entire room on fire in two minutes and an entire house in five minutes.

Children will learn about the numerous legal consequences that arise from setting fires. They're introduced to Gordon Pranger who began playing with fire at a young age and continued until he was 14, when he was severely burned while playing with matches and gasoline. 

The display goes on to point out that deliberate firesetting can cost lives, jobs, properties, and more. It urges children to tell an adult if they find matches or lighters or if they see someone playing with fire. It's a compelling product that will leave a lasting impression.

In an Emergency, Call 9-1-1 Presentation Display

With the In an Emergency, Call 9-1-1 presentation display, your community will learn when it is appropriate to call 9-1-1. It begins by explaining that an emergency is any situation in which an individual needs immediate assistance from the fire department, police, or emergency medical personnel.

The display identifies the various fire, police, and medical emergencies during which individuals should call 9-1-1. And because some individuals may be unfamiliar with calling 9-1-1, the display provides some guidelines. It advises that callers will be asked about the nature of the emergency and that they need to provide the location and street address of the emergency as well as the phone number from which they are calling. And it reminds audience members that 9-1-1 is for emergencies only and that prank calls to 9-1-1 are illegal in most states.

Perfect for a wide variety of audiences and programs, this display is sure to please.