Ace's "Fire Safe Every Day!" Presentation Display

  • Stresses that fire is fast and dangerous
  • Notes that matches and lighters are tools not toys
  • Points out that setting fires is illegal
  • Provides ways children can help to prevent fires
  • Offers tips to prevent burns
  • Discusses how to handle a burn
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Firefighter Ace’s fire prevention display aims to teach kids how to stop fires before they start. It’s a great first step in any fire safety curriculum with useful information and bright, engaging graphics.

It begins by noting that fires are fast and dangerous, but by being learning to be fire safe, children can prevent fire and burns. The display advises kids to stay away from matches and lighters. These items are tools for adults. Children are directed to tell a grown up if they find matches or lighters or if they see someone playing with them.

The next section of the display addresses setting fires. Small fires can easily turn into large fires and can quickly burn down an entire house. Not only can fires kill and injure other people, but setting fires is illegal.

Kids can also be fire safe by recognizing and pointing out things that are potential fire hazards. Flammable items should be at least three feet from fireplaces or heaters. When leaving a room blow out candles. And children should let adults know if they see frayed electrical cords or overloaded electrical outlets.

Children should stay three feet from the stove or oven and to use potholders while helping adults cook. Pot handles should be turned to the inside of the stove so they don’t get bumped off the stove. Hot foods and drinks can burn, so adults should test these items for excessive heat. Hot bath water can burn too, and kids should turn on the cold water before the hot water.

The last section of the display addresses how to treat burns. First degree burns make skin look red like a sunburn which can be cooled with cool water. But burns that turn the skin dark red or black, causing blisters are second or the third degree burns. These burns require immediate medical attention.

“Fire Safety Begins with YOU!”

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